Relationship problems?… Don’t wait until you’re at crisis point before calling for help

Tom MacInnes, chief analyst for Citizens Advice, said: “We know that this pandemic has put an enormous strain on people financially but our data shows that strain is also being felt in people’s relationships.”

Visits to Citizens Advice webpage information on ending a relationship have been steadily increasing since 2019, especially over the last few months. Our page, “Getting a Divorce” had 465,000 views during the 12 months to June 2021.

If you’re having relationship problems, there are practical things you’ll need to sort out and Citizens Advice can help guide you through your options. We are here to advise you and to help you think about:

• where you’re going to live
• how to divide up any money or belongings you share
• how you’ll be able to afford to pay the bills once you’re living separately.

If you have children

If your relationship ends and you have children, you’ll need to agree where your children live. You’ll also need to decide how much time they spend with each of you. This is called making ‘child arrangements’.
Child arrangements are usually informal agreements – but it can help to write them down. You’ll only need to go to court if there’s been violence or abuse in your relationship, or you really can’t agree. See our website for more information: Making child arrangements – Citizens Advice.
IMPORTANT: You should always get help making child arrangements if your partner makes you feel anxious or threatened.

Read on to find out how we helped Kelly*

Kelly walked into one of our Citizens Advice offices and said she felt uncertain about the future. Kelly had been married to Sam* for 12 years but explained “there’s so many rows that I just don’t think we can carry on any longer”. She was concerned about the affect this tension was having on their two young children and wanted practical advice about ending the relationship. Our advisers helped Kelly think about her options. They explained how mediation could help with sorting out any differences she might have with Sam over making child arrangements.

Kelly is coming back to see us soon. Our advisors will check that she is receiving her benefit entitlements as these will help secure the future for herself and her children.

Do you – or someone you know – want help?

So, if you find yourself in a similar situation and donk’t now what to do next – or even if you think you do! – why not contact us. Citizens Advice is here for you!

*Name has been changed for reasons of confidentiality.

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