Our Impact in South West Surrey

For every £1 invested in our services, we financially benefit clients by over £20 and save public funds at least £25.

We reduce public expenditure on homelessness, legal action, unemployment and better mental and physical health

We use volunteering to bring the community together, improve the lives of our volunteers, their communities and the people they help.

In 2022, our team:

  • Helped 7,141 people face-to-face in the community or by phone, email or webchat
  • Provided advice on more than 30,865 issues
  • Supported clients to gain £5.75 million in financial outcomes

Our clients approached us for help in many areas. The most common areas were:

  • Benefits – 42% of issues
  • Debt – 11% of issues
  • Housing – 10% of issues
  • Financial services and capability – 5% of issues
  • Relationships and family – 5% of issues
  • Charitable support and foodbanks – 5% of issues
  • Employment – 4% of issues


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