Renting in the Private Sector has never been tougher

Many of our clients are finding it very hard to find suitable rented private accommodation. Rents are booming, up by 5% in the last year, because of the lack of new build houses and many landlords and their letting agents won’t let to people on benefits. Even if our clients find a suitable property they can afford, they also have to find a deposit and rent in advance which can be a real barrier to people on low income. If you are struggling to find a place to  rent, try Waverley Borough Council’s Housing Options team at and ask for an interview to discuss your needs. They may be able to help, including supporting you to find the deposit and rent in advance. Or you can use their on-line housing wizard. There is lots of information about private renting  on Adviceguide. In addition to providing individual clients with help and advice, we are very keen to get an in-depth understanding of the extent of these problems and how they affect people. Please telephone or email us.


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