Household Support - Application for Food Card

Household Support Fund Food Cards

Please note that this fund closed for applicants on 31 March 2022.

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On behalf of Waverley Borough Council we are providing supermarket food cards. Typical awards are £50 for single clients and £75 for families.

This is part of the government's Household Support Fund which is designed to support vulnerable households in need during this winter. If you need money for household goods, gas/electric or essential clothing, there is a separate fund. Click here for more information or talk to your Citizens Advice adviser.

As part of this process we will register you as a client with Citizens Advice (if not already a client) and may take a small amount of additional information to see if we can provide you with further practical assistance and to confirm your eligibility. We Please note, these cards are only available to people living in Waverley

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