Problem, praise or suggestion? Tell us what you think of your local health and social care services.

Healthwatch Surrey

Healthwatch was set up to ensure that the views and experiences of people across the country were heard clearly by those who run and plan our health and social care services. Here in Waverley our local Healthwatch is Healthwatch Surrey.

Healthwatch Surrey is an independent organisation that gives everyone a voice. It provides evidence-based feedback both to those who buy healthcare services (such as clinical commissioning groups and Surrey County Council), and also those who provide and lead services (such as the chief nurse or the director of quality at local hospitals).

What is the role of Citizens Advice?

As part of Healthwatch Surrey we can:

  • Help you to tell your story and submit it on your behalf to the Healthwatch evidence database
  • Give you the information you need about local health and social care services
  • Help you to make a formal complaint and signpost you (if appropriate) to the Healthwatch advocacy service

How do I have my say?

You can contact us either by completing the webform below or by emailing us at: 

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